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Simcenter FLOEFD What’s New 2021.3 - Presentation

Simcenter FLOEFD 2021.3 새로운 기능에 대해 Presentation 드립니다.


Electronics Cooling & Thermal Management

- SmartPCB Enhancements

- Conductive Porous media: Dependency on specific mass flow


- Overview

- SmartPCB Homogenization

- Smart PCB Homogenization: Procedure

- Smart PCB Homogenization: Results comparison

- Constraints: Ball Joint

- Constraints: moving along axis for Hinge

- Sliding contact

- Contact type visualization and use CAD Boolean


- Flux Plot: Total Energy balance

- Plots: Crop data by Fluid Region or Material

- Fan: tangential and radial velocity

- Other improvements


- Simcenter FLOEFD is tightly integrated with other Siemens tools

CAD Integration

- CAD Specific Enhancements


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